High Definition

A collection of 10,000 High-Definition NFTs, one for every original CryptoPunk.

What’s an HD Punk?

HD Punks are a collection of 10,000 NFTs, one for every original CryptoPunk. They have all the same attributes, but in higher fidelity – check out the rare ones for some hidden Easter eggs. The individual punk images are permanently stored on IPFS, and we created a “mega-image” with all 10,000 HD Punks for fun browsing. Like the original punks, the MD5 hash of the mega-image is stored within the smart contract itself.

If you would like to learn more about acquiring HD Punks on the secondary market, please join the Discord or our Subreddit

HD Punk Explorer

Enter a punk id in the explorer to the left to see its side-by-side! Or click through random punks for some surprises.

What benefits are there?

First, you own a beautiful piece of art 😍. Second, HD Punk holders will receive goodies from our future drops, just as HD Mooncat holders received a free HD Punk. You could win a zombie, ape, or even the exotic alien with an Ethereum earring.

Explore the Mega-Image

The Team


Solidity dev, NFT ape, humble farmer. Contributor to Sushi and Revest Finance.

Keram Design

Graphic designer, beginner coder, Mooncat lover. Also French 🇫🇷